This page is a collection of scripts, programs and articles that I have developed over the years.  Use at your own discretion.

Perl   Demo program to illustrate the usage of the Math::BigInt module Demo program to illustrate the usage of the Mime::Lite module
Check Cisco configuration A script developed to detect any changes in the configuration of a Cisco router. Run it out of cron daily and you will get notified when changes are made.
Rename a Solaris 10 host Script to change the hostname of a Solaris 10 system.
Citizenship test A standalone HTML page that will quiz you on the 100 possible questions for the US naturalization test. The whole page has been generated by Jakads, a framework for language learning that I developed.
Project Management
Poor mans project plan An Exel spreadsheet that can be used for small projects. Does not have all the fancy features of MS Project but can be read by everyone in a team as long as they have the MS Office suite.

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